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1. How does water saturation effect to Onekin precast panel?
Onekin precast panel has low water absorption (<22%), but when building with Onekin precast panel, it is recommended to use coated fasteners on specific increments, as well as using protective measures to eliminate water penetration.
2. Where can Onekin precast panel test data be reviewed?
All Onekin precast panel testing has been completed by a third party and are available for review at www.onekingroup.com, or you can contact with us for more information.
3. What is the theory for Onekin precast panel production?
Onekin precast panel are using the theory of Magnesia cements, which were discovered and prepared by Sorel (French) in 1867,so it is also called magnesium ox chlorides or Sorel cement. The main component of magnesium cements is magnesite. Global reserve is 8 billion tons and 5.6 billion tons are in China. More than 90% magnesia products are manufactured and supplied by China.
4. What are the raw materials of Onekin precast panel?
Onekin precast panel is made of high purified Magnesium Oxide and high quality Magnesium Chloride. The strong chemical reaction between Magnesium Oxide and Magnesium Chloride can strengthen it. Other filling materials are fiber plant, fly ash, additives. All of materials are totally green material.
5. The advantages of Onekin precast panel
Onekin precast panel aims to make wall construction faster, lighter, safer, healthier.

It has benefits:
  1.Shorten construction time. Onekin precast panel is fast installation, with installation speed at least 40m2/day/worker. We have one project finishes in four month while origin plan for block will take one year.
  2.Light weight. Onekin precast panel is lightweight, with density 375~500 kgs/m3, differ from thickness.

  3.Fireproof grade A1. 100mm thickness Onekin Green panel can reach 132 minutes(TUV Fire test); 150mm thickness can reach 4 hours fireproof limitation.

  4.Energy saving. Onekin precast panel is heat insulation material, it can save energy up to 80%. Onekin precast panel(100mm) when directly applied with a 1100℃ torch flame for 132 minutes will not burn,while limiting the heat transferred.One side of the panel will be 1100℃ while the opposite side will only reach a max of 134℃ over 45 minutes.

  5.Eco-friendly. Onekin precast panel are manufactured from naturally occurring minerals and do not contain any organic solvents,formaldehyde,asbestos,oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and water ways.
6. Can Onekin precast panel be built to customized configurations and sizes?
Yes, customized panel sizes are available. We have the ability to produce a variety of panel configurations, thickness and types.
7. Is there any tips when installation Onekin precast panel?
Please pay attention that all metals has direct contact with Onekin precast panel should do rust prevention.
8. What are the bonding materials for the Onekin precast panel joints?
We can use normal bonding materials,cement + sand + glue powder. Also, we adopt fiber glass mesh for joint to enhance the connection.
9. How are Onekin precast panel connected and joined during construction?
There are Tongue & Groove joins, make it easy for installation between two panels, for panels and column connecting. We use U shape clips, the same for ceiling and floor part. For details installation method, please contact with our sales.
10. Can Onekin precast panel be used in high rise construction?
Yes, Onekin precast panel can be used in high rise buildings. Onekin precast panel is lightweight, is better material for high rise buildings. We has done projects of 42 stories buildings.
11. The general applications of Onekin precast panel?
Commonly used as interior wall, partition wall, exterior wall, or fire wall in house construction, such as residential house, commercial building, high-rise buildings, hospital, villa, hotel, warehouse, factory, school etc.
12. Board:What kind of paint to choose for Onekin green board?
Onekin green board is inorganic building materials.It is mgo board, fire proof board and waterproof board. For the wood structure ,light steel structure,partition wall board and prefab house, we suggest to use water based paint for secondary decoration on onekin green board.
13. panel:What is Onekin green wall panel?
Onekin green wall Panel is kind of inorganic building wall materials, the main theory is that magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with magnesium chloride, filling material is fly ash and reinforced by plant fiber and glass fiber. The main applications of Onekin green wall panel are  partition wall panel to instead of Cacium Silicate panel, hollow block and traditional hollow core panel as well as cement hollow panel