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Onekin wall panel installation

   Onekin green panel is the fast installation wall panel.It can be used as the interior wall panel and extirior wall panel. Because it is lightweight wall panel, so, one worker can install 40--50m2 panels per day.The installation process is followed, for all installation details, please contact our sales team.

1.Mark the line.

  Before installing, using the cross line laser to mark the control line on the floor and wall, and extend the line to the ceilingand column. Aso mark the location for the doors and window.

2.Connection between panels(1)

  Installing the U shape metal clip on the floor and ceiling to fix the two lightweight wall panel.Brushing cement mortar on the tongue. Then joint the lightweight wall panels T&G. Please make sure that the onekingreen panels are on the same line with the control line.

3.Connection between panels(2)

  Driving nails (100mm length)in the junction to strength the two panels.
  Wall height 2800--3500mm by this way;Wall height over3500mm,please use reinforce bar, and for the details, please contact our sales team.

4.Check and adjust the wall

  Check and adjust the flatness verticality and diagonal line when finishing the wall installation between two columns.

5.Filling the gap

  Bonding material:cement mortar+50mmwidth fiberglass mesh+ cement mortar.For the details, please     contact our sales team.

6.QC for Onekin fast installation wall panel

  Make sure the wall surface is flat and straight, and then we can start the decoration after one week.