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Air pollution in India

Air pollution in India.People are buying air "oxygen bars" to absorb oxygen in a new fashion


Customers take oxygen treatment at Oxy Pure oxygen bar in new Delhi, India.

Oxygen sessions typically last 15 minutes and range in price from $4 to $7.



Environmental problems continue to crop up everywhere, threatening people's health.Paying attention to environmental protection will be the future trend.


Onekin has long focused on environmentally friendly building materials.Fire and energy saving, green and pollution-free.



Thermal conductivity for Onekin green panel is 0.17w/m°k, while cement panel is 0.66 w/m°k.

According to a Korean customer test, for the house built by green panel, electricity consumption is about 2 kWh per day.

while for cement panel house, it is about 10 kWh per day, which means we can save up
to 80% energy.