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Fireproof board for interior decoration

Fireproof, water absorbing and sound insulating sheet for interior decoration





Onekin green board is widely used primarily as wallboard alternative to conventional fiber cement board, particle board and gypsum-based drywall. It can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to steel frame.








The main raw material for onekin green board is magnesium oxide, which is a non combustible material. According to CE standard EN12476: 2012, reaction to fire for onekin green board is gread A.



Water resistant and not affected by moisture



The product allows for long-term exposure to a moist environment. Test result prove that after this material has been immersed in water for month, and according to our national standard, percentage of water swelling is less than 0.6%.


It will not swell, delaminate, warp or disintegrate when exposed to a wet environment. Remarkably, it is also impermeable to a wet environment. Remarkably, it is also impermeable to water and this allows the board to be used as a wall board in construction where breathable walls are specified.


Sound and heat insulation



Onekin green board is an excellent acoustic dampening material with higher strength and elasticity.

For 6mm board, the sound insulation can be 29db. Two layers of 9mm board + 50mm rock wool + 75mm keel, sound insulation can reach 42db.

The main raw material, magnesium oxide, is a natural fireproof and heat insulation material, which makes the board a material of low thermal conductivity-0.161w/mk, while the cement material is about 0.2-0.25w/mk.