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Company Culture

   Onekin Green Building Material is a professional manufacturer for the fire resistant wall panel, light weight wall panel,hollow core panel and MgO board as well as the related raw materials. Onekin green wall materials have already passed the international tests of TUV Singapore, CE and ASTM.

   Chengdu Onekin is a subsidiary company of Onekin International based in Hongkong. set up in 2009. Onekin always follow the principle of “Customers First, Employees second, Shareholders last.” It is a fast growing company, with high quality products and full ranges of after sale service. It is consist of different professional teams including: 1. technology research center with chemical experts to ensure the formulation and product’s innovation; 2. strict Quality control team to ensure high quality; 3. engineering team with architectural design and installation to ensure the smooth project development; 3. professional international sales team to ensure smooth communication and transaction; 4. full ranges of after sales service system to solve problems quickly. The production capability of green panel is about 1,000,000㎡ per year and 470,000 piece green boards per year.

   Onekin has been cooperated with partners from USA, U.K. Singapore,Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, etc.

Onekin sales team      


  Onekin founders setting up this company to built a foreign trade platform of possibilities. The name of “Onekin”in Chinese means “steeds”, which implies that “This is a excellent, healthy and confident team, and“Onekin”is to take the meaning of One King ---- to become a unique and leading supplier. Now we already have branch office in Ethiopia, and agents in Isreal, Oman, French Guiana, Maldives.

  Hold the core philosophy of“Devote to environment, create new green”, Onekin specializes in Magnesium Oxide building materials, for its an innovative green material. Green and innovation is the keynote of Onekin company, and shall be our developing direction of future.