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fireproof door core

Product introduction



Onekin company  is committed to environmental protection building materials industry for more than ten years, is the pioneer of this industry. At the same time, our products are the best substitutes for traditional building materials.Compared with other products, it has many advantages.Compared with other companies, it has a variety of testing certificates.Our products already have a place in many countries, such as east Philippines, Malaysia, maldives, Canada, South Korea and so on.




Ours door core have a fire rating of A1. Our raw material is a natural fireproof material - magnesium oxide. It is non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain any radioactive substances, will not cause any harm to the human body.

As the fire rating is very high, fire prevention time is long, if the fire situation, can effectively extend the escape time. We can also adjust the product density according to the fire time you need to meet your requirements.





Our products are much lighter than traditional construction products. The product is convenient to transport and can save the freight as much as possible. It is also convenient for reprocessing and installation.


Easy to installation:


Our door core board material is special, is made of natural fire material.Easy to cut, chop, cut, etc.







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