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fireproof board

Green fireproof wall panel for interior exterior and partition wall


It’s made from magnesium oxide, magnesium cholride, fly ash, plant fiber and mixed together with non-toxic chemicals for strength.


Fireproof Grade A


Onekin green panel is a non-combustible building material, it is non-combustible at 800℃, and remains flameless at 1200℃. The fire endurance can 4 hours.





Onekin green panel is lighter than any other traditional panels, such as cement block, concrete block, cement panel etc.

The weight is only 45kg/m2 for 100mm while the weight for the cement board is about 120-140kg/m2. As a result, it can lower structural load, reducing oversized foundation, the lintel beams and stiffener etc.


Sound insulation


Onekin green panel adopts a hollow core structure design, as air is the best medium of sound and thermal insulation, thus it presents great efficiency in insulating noise.

For 100mm panel, the sound insulation is 36dB. It can reach up to 51dB for structure with two layers of 90mm panel with 50mm rock wool in the middle.



1. Do you have a certificate?


2. Can be customized?

Length: 2.6-3.5m   Length can be customized(The width is fixed 600mm and cannot be changed)   


3. What sizes do you have?


standard size: 2800/2900*600*thickness


4. What projects have you done?




5. What type of building does it apply to?



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