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Environmental health & energy efficiency board for indoor decoration

Environmental health & energy efficiency board for indoor decoration


1. Product introduction


Its raw materials include magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride, fiberglass mesh, non-woven fabric etc. It can be used for interior or exterior applications in residential house, villa, sound studios, schools, public areas, movie theatre, shopping centers and any area where the fireproof function required.


2. Standard size:





Thickness: 3mm-30mm   special size is available


3. Main performances

Environmental health & energy efficiency

Onekin green board does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have negative impact on the environment and waterways. As such, sawdust from onekin green board can safely be disposed of in landfills. Off-cuts of our board can be reground and reused back at the production factory.


Also the production process is nature conservation, low energy consumption, no sewage material and energy efficiency because of the main production theory is based on the chemical reactions of raw materials and they are all natural materials.


Sound and hest insulation

Onekin green board is an excellent acoustic dampening material with higher strength and elasticity.


For 6mm board, the sound insulation can be 29db. Two layers of 9mm board + 50mm rock wool + 75 mm keel, sound insulation can reach 42db.

The main raw material, magnesium oxide, is a natural fireproof and heat insulation material, which makes the board a material of low thermal conductivity-0.161w/mk, while the cement material is about 0.2-0.25w/mk.


Easy to use and install

Onekin green board is easy to be cut, sawed, nailed and decorated.


There is a smooth side that can be taped and jointed, ready to be decorated such as overlaying, wallpapering, panting texture coat and veneering.

The other side is uniform sand textured, ideal for title backing.


4. Project




5. After-sales service



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