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Green wall panel

Better than polyethylene panel(XPS sandwich panel) fire insulation panel - magnesium oxide panel

1. What's the difference between the two materials?


XPS panel is mainly made of polyethylene, and the surface of the product is covered by metal plate. Magnesium oxide plate is the main material is magnesium oxide, does not contain metal material.


2. What's the difference in size?


XPS panel: 75mm 100mm 150mm 200mm

magnesium oxide panel: 75mm 90mm 100mm 120mm 150mm 200mm

The thickness of magnesia plate has more options, and the length can be customized.


3. What's the difference between intensity and density?


XPS panel:   0.25Mpa    42~44 kg/m3

mgo panel:  5.56Mpa    350-510 kg/m3

Mgo panel have greater toughness, density and strength.


4. What's the difference in fire insulation?


XPS panel: fireproof grade B1 B2

mgo panel: fireproof time up to 4 hours.


5. Is the sound insulation the same?



XPS panel: 35-42dB

mgo panel:36-51dB


6. What are the special advantages of magnesia panel?

The hole design is convenient for threading the pipe.

Dimension DIY reduces cutting waste.


7. Does it provide after-sales service and support?


Excellent after-sales team.Provide guidance based on your geographic environment.

Follow up during construction. Follow up after completion of the project.

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