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Onekin fireproof and fast installation wall panel


1. Why did you choose onekin?

Chengdu Onekin is a subsidiary company of Onekin International based in Hongkong. Onekin specializes in green and ecological construction in dustry, innovation, manufacturing and distribution of green panel and green board as well as the related raw materials. Onekin green wall materials have already passed the international tests like TUV Singapore, CE and ASTM.


2. What are the advantages of onekin's products?



The main raw material for onekin green board is magnesium oxide, which is non combustible material. According to CE standard EN 12476: 2012, reaction to fire for onekin green board is Grade A.


High strength and lightweight


As its density is not relatively high, the board can be classified as light weight compared to other products attempting to achieve the same weight to strength ratio and as such it can greatly decrease the weight of a building.


Easy to use and install


Onekin green board is easy to be cut, sawed, nailed and decorated.

There is a smooth side that can be taped and jointed, ready to be decorated such as overlaying, wallpapering, panting texture coat and veneering.

The other side is uniform sand textured, ideal for title backing.


3. Why is onekin worth believing?



4. Have you done any projects?







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