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27 person missed, 20 houses destroyed in Zhejiang landslide accident

  • Author:Lily Xiao
  • Release on:2016-09-29

Effected by the Typhoon, mountain landslide disaster happened at 5:35pm, Sep 28th, 2016, and cause 27 persons missing, 20 houses destroyed, at Suichang, Lishui city of Zhejiang province.

The rescue team was formed by police, fire alarm, hospital, water channel, power supply, China mobile, and communication, more than 400 persons were soon on site for the rescue. At present, 2 women was saved, more than 20 person was transferred from the landsliding area, part of villagers didnt want to leave their home, and land sliding happened again while the team try to persuade villagers leaving.Now, no accurate number for injuries and death.

No matter how stronger house we made, how good building materials we used, like Onekin fire rated wall panel we used, though it can save our cost and make our life healthier, but we cant against the nature disaster. Though Onekin fire rated wall materials can save us in fire, to use our fire rated prefab wall, can make a 4 hours fire escape room for high building, but as same as other building materials, the fire rated wall cant resist the serious nature disaster. We will pray for the people in this accidents.