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3532 mutant strains found in India?The truth is this

Today, many media accounts on the Chinese Internet are sharing the extremely scary news that 3,532 mutant strains of the virus have been detected in India.The news also caused panic among many netizens, who worried that so many mutated strains could have a devastating impact on the pandemic worldwide.

However, Geng Zhi checked the original Indian media report and found that it was actually a translation error...

We checked the Indian media, including the Indian Express, and found that the original Indian media article read:

“According to the data from the National Centre for Disease Control, of 13,000 samples sequenced, 3,532 were found to have variants of concern and of these, 1,527 had the B.1.617 variant.”

Of the 13,000 samples sequenced in India, 3,532 carried the main novel coronavirus variant, and 1,527 carried the double-mutant strain B.1.617 found in India, according to India's National Centre for Disease Control.

However, when the information was transmitted to China, due to translation errors, 3,532 samples carrying the novel coronavirus variant were incorrectly translated as "3,532 variants."

A variant of the rights of concern in English would have led to the translation error.Since Indian media outlets such as the Hindustan Times are less detailed in their stories, and simply say that 3,532 "variants of concern" have been detected in 27 Indian states,A new version of the drug will have 3532 variants of the viral variants.