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6000 Chinese Workers Will Come to Israel for Helping Relieve Housing Crisis

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-06
"Until this summer,thousands of Chinese workers will come to Israel for house construction,helping relieve housing crisis" Israel < The Jerusalem Post> reported,January 4. The Israel government said,they has reached an agreement with the Ministry of commerce of China on Wednesday,the contract will soon be signed on Febrary,6 months later,6000 Chinese workers will come to Isael to help local house construction.This is the first step in September 2015,the Israeli cabinet through the introduction of 20 thousand workers from China for house construction plan. 

Lack of human resources,the Israel housing market in the past few years at a low level,they hope that the agreement can bring new technologies and skilled workforce.

Since the establishment between China and Israel,the two countries have achieved positive results in pragmatic cooperation in various fields including economy, trade, science and technology and humanities.China is willing to continue to work with Israel to deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields and benefit the two countries and the two peoples.

Onekin green panel would help for this,which is very suitable for house construction.The panels adopt T&G designs at both sides and light weight, very convenient for installation,a experience workers could install 40~50m2 per day,shorten the construction period. We hope to establish good business relationship with the customers around the world.