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83 containers landed in the sea Cargo insurance attracts attention

  • Author:Agnes
  • Release on:2018-06-05
83 containers landed in the sea, Cargo insurance attracts attention

On May 31, Yang Ming Marine’s “YM EFFICIENCY” container ship encountered severe weather. 
There was a serious accident in the sea near Newcastle, Australia. 
At least 83 containers fell into the sea (mainly containing 34 containers from Yangming Shipping, 21 containers from Evergreen marine, 
and 5 from Orient Overseas), and 26 cabinets were deformed. The entire vessel was delayed. 

The originally scheduled next destination was Port Botany in Sydney, but due to concerns about product safety (contaminants, etc.) 
On the afternoon of June 2, the Sydney authorities only gave notice of permission to dock at the port. 
It is expected that the subsequent schedule of the vessel will also be delayed, and the vessel is scheduled to berth at ports such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

As of June 4, the ship has already reached Qingdao Port. The freight forwarders of Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian, Hong Kong and Kaohsiung should pay attention.

This event once again reminded the vast number of foreign trade partners that the importance of purchasing cargo insurance. 
With the rise of the modern logistics industry, the third-party logistics companies are also providing increasingly greater risks while providing customers with increasingly convenient integrated logistics services. 

Any risk of damage to the goods, rough handling, mis-delivery, theft, loss of quality, and odor may be caused by the shipper. 
Therefore, the importance of cargo transportation insurance can not be ignored.

Regardless of the size of the order, Onekin will purchase insurance for each batch of exported goods, striving to maximize the protection of the customer's interests.