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A madman win the cheater ---Trump win the election of America

While the worlds focus on America election, Trump win the election, out of most people thoughts. He will be new president in America. It was said the silent majorities change the condition for election finally, who are mostly medium and low income people. These people are be ignored by the mainstream of American society, especially for the peasants, requirements call never be heard, said no in this way to the mainstream society, while the mainstream support Hillary.

People wont belief the political elite like Obama and Hilary, they need different, they need change. So the silent majorities very positive to the election and vote for Trump.

For most Chinese people, what we concern is the policy and relationship changing between China and America, but we also think there will be no changes in short time since the first emergent thing for new president is to control the condition in American and improve the relationship between all aspects.

From Onekin aspects, we hope there will be more cooperation between China and America, and reduce conflicts. In housing area and construction fields will have more and more cooperation, and to introduce our proud drywall Onekin green wall panel system to America. :)