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A new type non-flammable decorative material

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-02-15

A new type non-flammable decorative material

New Revolutionary Solution:

Are you still in trouble of sweating problem of MgCl2 board?

Onekin board Take New Revolutionary Solution, Onekin magnesium oxide Board (Onekin Board) solve a Mgcl2 problem in new revolutionary solution of the standard MgO board.

Different from the common Magnesium Board in the market, Onekin Board is 100% no magnesium chloride. Through the long-term research of Onekin technicians, new kind of MgO Board come out.

Because of the new formulation, without chloride. Onekin board will not sweat and turn to yellow after a long time, and the surface will not become wet in rainy days.

Onekin always put first attention in quality.