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A rare wave of bad weather has engulfed Venice in Italy

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-11-13

A rare wave of bad weather has engulfed Venice in Italy

Italy has been hit by bad weather recently.Venice, Italy, Nov. 12 (chinamil) -- the city of water in Venice, Italy, was hit by a high tide not seen in more than 50 years. 45% of the streets were flooded, and strong winds caused huge waves in piazza SAN Marco.

The water level of the Venice canal rises and floods st. mark's square in Venice, Italy, on November 12, 2019.The picture shows people wading in the water.

[bad weather hits Italy as schools close, roads close]

Italy's civil protection agency issued a red alert for severe weather in calabria, basilicata and Sicily, according to Russian satellite news.An orange severe weather alert has been issued for the puglia region and a yellow severe weather alert has been issued for 10 other regions.

Rescue authorities in Italy have urged people to stay away from river Banks and beaches and to be alert and avoid being hit by trees.

Weather forecasts suggest Italy will continue to face severe weather in the coming days, time reported.

Strong winds ripped off the roofs of two homes in the southern Italian town of policoro, known for its ancient Greek ruins, but no one inside was injured, time reported, citing Italian news reports.

In the same area of basilicata, large areas of the tourist town of Matera were flooded after heavy rains.

[unusual high tide sweeps Venice into state of emergency]

Venice, Italy's most famous water city, is experiencing a period of high water, agence france-presse reported.

The water level in Venice peaked at 127cm Wednesday morning, close to the warning level, according to reports.At 10.50pm local time, the water level in Venice peaked at 187cm, the second highest since the "devastating" flood in 1966.At present, the flood has covered the square of SAN Marco, Venice 45 percent of the streets flooded.

Some water taxis tried to take passengers to hotels by the river, only to find the gangways washed away and had to help them climb through Windows.

On the morning of November 12, 2019, local time, the water level in Venice, Italy peaked at 127cm.The water level peaked at 187 cm late Sunday.

The mayor of Venice says a state of emergency is in place.He warned that the tide could cause serious damage."We are now facing a higher tide than expected and the city of Venice has mobilized all units to deal with it urgently," he said.

Meanwhile, the governor's palace of Venice, one of Venice's most popular tourist attractions, said on Monday that it would remain open even if the tide rose, advising people to use elevated walkways to get to the entrance, and many hotels also offer knee-high rain boots.