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A women escaped from city to village for farm life

A lady lived in Zhengzhou called Liujuan moved from city Zhengzhou to a hill village, which is not be understand by most of people, since she already have a good and valuable house in the city and with good job and income.

House in the city already empty

She said, the poet Haizi describe a good farm life and beautiful scene in his poem, which makes a lot of people yearn for that, but most have no courage to escape from city, it makes no sense if no actions, she just do what others and she want to do.

She bought a place, and took her daughter with her and build some carves in the hills for living, there still some Chinese people live in man hand carves, while they are cool in summer and warmer in winter, like Onekin green panel house.

She plant a lot of vegetables, makes all the decorations original and meeting the farming style, she named her place and want more people to come together with her. So she said she will do more carve rooms to accept people to try the farm life, enjoy planting and picking.

Liujuan's daughter is watching TV with her little friend

Life is an attitude