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Abandoning the old pattern and making China 2025 more "expecting"!

Abandoning the old pattern and making China2025 more "expecting"!

Materials exist in various fields ofeconomy, society, national defense, scientific and technological innovation andpeople's life. They are the material basis and precursor of social and nationalconstruction and progress.

At present, a new round of scientific andtechnological revolution and industrial transformation are gaining momentum.The global competition for new materials industry is undergoing majoradjustments. Product innovation and technological development have evolved from“generationalequipment, generation of materials” to “generationalmaterials, generations of equipment”.

Change. However, at present, China stillfaces problems such as uneven basic materials, strategic new materials subjectto human beings, and cutting-edge new materials technologies. Since theintroduction of "Made in China 2025", new materials have beenregarded as an important cornerstone. As the most basic condition for ensuringthe quality of manufactured products, materials are also the key support forChina to achieve a strong manufacturing industry.

Therefore, in this United States, theslogan of "revival of manufacturing" has been screamed, and newmaterial technology has become a strategic emerging industry in the world,becoming one of the most important and fastest-growing areas of science andtechnology.