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Advantages and disadvantages of magnesium oxide board

Advantages of magnesium oxide board

Fire resistant


Mold/fungus/bug free


Silica/asbestos free

STC-rated 53-54

Can be used in the place of traditional drywall or cement boards. No special tools required.

Hard non-absorbent surface- no paper

Can be used in applications like cement-based siding

Available in colors

Eco friendly



Natural deposits of magnesium oxide occur primarily in China, local government there prohibit the exportation of raw materials for manufacturing outside China.

Little mining of magnesium based minerals occurs in US or Europe and is not thought profitable, but now in some other countries also have the production, like Ethiopia. If you want to set up a production line, please read the what you should do before your decision on the following linkage.


In most cases good quality magnesium board is more expensive than paper gypsum board. However, comparable to cement board made from Portland cement, for wet applications, and with numerous advantages over that material.

Like all cement mixture magnesium cement and related mixing recipes and equipment require strict controls in both the raw materials going into mixer as well as the curing process and proper waiting time for setting and handling of the fresh and semi-fresh product. Many cheaper brands cut corners making inconsistent material-essentially magnesium is not quite a commodity.

Several different producers exist with big differences in their production and selling costs which greatly impacts on the mix design and curing process which makes each brand very different in potential uses. Even though the different brands may look and feel similar caution must be used when selecting the versions and brands for specific use since they are not all the same or usable in the same way.

Most often the boards are produced by using Sorel cement (magnesium oxychloride). Resulting in a very hygroscopic product that can produce a problem named “crying boards” when applied in too high humidity climate, if you don’t design good ventilation work.

The chloride also produce a highly corrosive environment for fasteners and steel studs.

Use Onekin Green Board (Magnesium Oxide board) to avoid every trouble.