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Advantages of prefabricated construction process

  • Author:Jessie
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2016-10-11
Advantages of prefabricated construction process

1.Cancel construction site's outer lay frame,interior and exterior wall rendering process, steel uniform delivery by factory.wall plastic template replace of traditional wooden template to reduce construction waste.

2.PC components are prefabricated in factory.When PC components transport to construction site,use large hoisting machinery to host instead of worker operate.this can greatly reduce the operating worker's labour intensity.

3.The size of window and door's hole has been finished in the factory,size deviation can controll completely.This can precise positioning and easier to install and can guarantee the installation's quality. 

4.The insulation panel was put between two concrete panel. and between every wallpanel all has effective fire compartmentation,and fireproof can reach grade A.this can avoid large area of fire hazards and the heat preservation is very good.the exterior wall is concrete structure,so both the waterproof and impermeability's effect are good too.

5.The wall are all contrete structure that can effectively avoid wall quality's common fault,such as empty drum,cracking.and at the same time the surface is smooth,so can besmear brushs paint in advance to avoid the risk of cross defiled.