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Aleppo reconstruction plan will soon be introduced

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-03
  Syrian Prime Minister Imad Hamish said the Aleppo reconstruction plan will soon be introduced in January 2th report.Hamas said the assessment of the damage to Aleppo had already begun,and the current focus of the work of the government  in this city was to secure the water,electricity,transportation and education services,prompting the city to return to normal life as soon as possible. 

  Aleppo was Syria's largest city and economic center.During the civil war,Syrian government forces and rebels were occupied Aleppo different regions, the war caused great damage to the city. After a long tug of war, Syrian government forces on December 22 last year announced the complete recovery of Aleppo City.

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