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Anti-China protests in Vietnam

  • Author:Agnes
  • Source:New York Times
  • Release on:2018-06-13
According to local news media, anti-China protests took place in Vietnam. 
Over 100 people were arrested on Sunday night after protesters rushed to the provincial government building in the eastern region of Ho Chi Minh City.

Many Vietnamese people are dissatisfied with China. Allegedly, they are angry about the steps that allow foreigners to rent land in three special economic zones for 99 years.

According to media reports, the government initially planned to implement this measure this week and would suspend its implementation later this year.

At the weekend, hundreds of protesters took the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and other cities to march into the streets.

This activity focuses on two issues. 
The first is the 99 year lease bill in the Special Economic Zone, it opposes renting the land and opposes Internet security. This is considered a violation of freedom of speech. 

Those taking part in the strike consider themselves patriotic. 
The Vietnamese public security department actively intervened and repeatedly emphasized the need to ensure the safety of foreigners and take care of public safety.