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Behind the "yellow vest" is Russia?

  • Author:Corina 611
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2018-12-17

Behind the "yellow vest" is Russia?

The French yellow vest movement entered its fifth week, but Russian media (RT) said there was a new twist: the BBC appeared to be working hard to prove that there was a "formidable" kremlin presence behind the growing French yellow vest protests.

In addition, ria novosti provided screenshots of conversations between BBC journalists and local contacts.

Are there some Russian companies that want to make a lot of money out of this?

"Are there a lot of people out there eating Fried pork chops?"

"Or is it mainly the far right that is causing trouble?

Yes, I'm looking for angels. The editorial office wants to see some blood.

RT reported that a BBC reporter asked specifically whether Moscow was involved in the "yellow vest" movement before posing the questions, but was only able to answer no.

RT quipped that the BBC reporter was full of imagination.

The BBC later responded that it was entirely reasonable for journalists to raise the issue of Russian involvement and that the final report did not say that it was "possibly related to Russia".

The case has also been of concern to Russia's foreign ministry. A Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman maria zakharova called on British citizens to have their own judgment about the BBC's actions and said the allegations were unfounded.

Zarharova said Moscow intends to take the issue of "fake news" to international organizations, according to Russia's satellite news agency.

We will raise this issue with international organizations.We will send a letter to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe tomorrow asking for concern because this is an outrageous fact.

Le drian, the foreign minister, said last week that SGDSN, France's secretary general for defence and national security, was investigating Russia's suspected involvement in protests in the country.The kremlin called the accusations defamatory. Russia considers the French protests to be an internal affair of France and has not interfered in other countries' affairs in the past and at present.

According to local media reports in France, in the past "yellow vest demonstrations of the people's livelihood" fifth mobilization on Saturday between Japan and China, within the range of law only reached more than 66000 people took to the streets in protest of the people, the number is not half and 4 on Saturday, a series of welfare policy is part of the French government introduced emergency calmed the combustible of pursuit of low-income people, but, according to a new poll shows marolon's approval rating dropped 2% in December, down to 23%, its lowest level since he became President.