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Beijing will promote prefab construction

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-11

  To promote the transformation and upgrading of construction, Beijing will popularization of prefab buildings. Ar reported, there will be three kinds of construction projects will using prefabricated construction: social security housing; commercial residential building projects in urban area and economic development zone.

  Prefabricated construction are using prefab wall panels which are manufacture in factories to set up a whole building. Due to its advantages of energy saving, time saving and lower cost, prefabricated construction are more popular in modern construction industry. Onekin prefabricated wall panels are made for prefab buildings with its lightweight and easy to install performance. It can reduce cost of labor, foundation, structure for the building, as well as the transport cost. you can use it to make prefab walls with lighter weight and lower cost.

  Choose Onekin prefabricated wall panels, make your own prefab house.