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Buckingham Palace will under repair soon

From the recent news, the Buckingham Palace have a plan for repair in following years, and this repairing project will last 10 years, with cost of 369 millions pounds in total.

It was said most of the pipes and wires were constructed 60 years ago,the royal family ministers worried the fire accidents maybe casued easily in the future if without any repairing work.

There will be 160km length electricity wires, and 48km length pipes,6500 plugs, 5000 lights,2500 heat radiators and 500pcs toinets fittings need to be repaire or replaced. That makes me remembered if this architechure was built with Onekin gree panel, this work will be not so complex as now, can save a lot of cost.

The reparing work need to get the cost approval from parliament, the earlist time will be start from next April. During this time, Queen Elizabeth and prince Philip will still live in the palace, but 37 staffs need to moved in transient house buit in the Buckingham Palace garden, together with the construction workers.