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Canton Fair is still in the charm

  • Author:Arya Ren
  • Release on:2019-04-24

Canton Fair is still in the charm

The 125th Canton Fair is divided into three phases. Thefirst phase will showcase 8 major products including electronics and homeappliances, hardware and tools, vehicles and accessories, chemical products,building materials, machinery, lighting and new energy. The exhibition willlast from April 15th. On the 19th, for many exhibitors, the middle two dayswere the most lively and busy during the five-day exhibition period.

According to the data provided by the Canton Fair, thetotal exhibition area of the 125th Canton Fair is 1.185 million square meters(about 166 football fields). There are 60,651 booths and 25,500 exhibitors. Thefirst phase of the export exhibition has a booth. There are 20,000 booths inthe import exhibition and 616 booths.