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China is promoting prefabricated building

  • Author:illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-02-10

   2017 is a rapid expansion year for prefabricated building. In January, Beijing and Shenzhen begin to accelerate prefab construction in succession, and Shanghai plan to build China’s first prefabricated exterior wall metro station.

  What make prefabricated building so popular in Chinese construction ?

  China’s construction speed has amazed the world, and government are trying to promote GREEN building construction right now. Prefabricated building exactly corresponds with the needs of transformation and upgrading in Chinese construction industry with below advantages.

  Fast installation:

  Prefabricated building use prefab wall panel which is manufactured in factory to “set up” a whole building. It makes wall installation easier than traditional building material, one skilled worker can install 40~50 square meters per day. You can save a lot of time for your construction.

  Cost saving:

  Prefab wall panel is lightweight and easy to install, it can reduce the cost of labor, foundation, structure and transport for construction. Meanwhile, it’s hollow core design is easy for pipe line and electrical lines.

  Except the two main advantages, prefab wall panels have other advantages too, if you want to get more information about prefab wall, welcome to visit Onekin Green Building Materials Co.,Ltd.