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China’s first prefabricated exterior wall metro station

  • Author:illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-08

  Recently, China’s first metro station using prefabricated assembled exterior wall panel-----Shanghai rail line 17 are doing hoisting work. To promote the industrialization of architecture, there are three stations choose to trial prefabricated structure.

  The assembled structure is one of the important structure for the progress of architecture industrialization. Onekin prefabricated wall panel is an advanced high-performance wall system which meets the direction of industrialization of architecture. There is the reasons make Onekin prefab wall panel standout:

l  Outstanding fireproof --- fireproof endurance up to 4 hours, you can use it in any public place require high fireproof performance;

l  Super lightweight --- the total weight of wall panel is around 1/3 weight of traditional bricks, can save the cost of transportation and installation;

l  Fast installation ---you can cut, saw, drill, snap it as you want, prefabricated wall panel can be install quickly.

  With those performance, Onekin prefabricated wall panels can adapt all kind of construction and shorten your construction time and cost.

  For more information about prefabricated wall panel, welcome to contact our sales or visit us at: Onekin green building materials co.,ltd