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China's subway construction restarts

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2018-12-28

China's subway construction restarts

Last year, concerns about local government debt led to a number of subway projects such as Baotou and Wuhan being suspended. In August this year, the approval of the Suzhou New Metro Project marked the policy “reversal”.

In August this year, China’s national planning agency, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), approved a $95 billion ($13.8 billion) project in Suzhou to build four new subway lines, of which line 6 will pass through Sangtian Island Station.

Many experts believe that China still has considerable space to make valuable investments in subway construction. The International Public Transport Association said in a statement that China's per capita subway trips are about half that of Europe.

“China’s figures on subway construction are impressive, but it’s not incompatible with the pace of urbanization in China,” said the International Public Transport Association. “In a sense, Chinese cities are ‘catch up’ in developing transportation infrastructure.”