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"Chinese-style" Christmas -- How Chinese young people celebrate Christmas

  • Author:Arya
  • Release on:2018-12-25

"Chinese-style" Christmas -- How Chinese young people celebrate Christmas

In china Christmas is an expression of entertainment. Just like China’s "Valentine's Day" on February 14th, "Single Day" on November 11th, more like the "Lifetime One Festival" on January 4th, 2013. Christmas is perhaps just a carrier for Chinese entertainment. Or an excuse.

"Chinese-style" Christmas is a fascinating Chinese contradiction: Christmas has become a very popular holiday in China, and the related business is very prosperous, but China is not a religious country. The Christmas tradition is still very young in China, but like many foreign customs that China has absorbed and transformed over the centuries, Chinese Christmas has become more and more Chinese.

Chinese-style Christmas, Christmas trees of different shapes, dressed in red Christmas costumes, clerk with "white beard", "Merry Christmas" greetings. The "warm" and "romantic" themes of the western restaurant are more popular for young couples.

For others, these Chinese characteristics are sometimes fascinating and sometimes confusing. As in Christmas Eve, a gift called "Peace Fruit" is quietly passed in people's hands. The custom of sending "safe fruit" on Christmas Eve is only in China.

In all, Christmas in china more like a carnival. Watching movies, promoting promotions, big deals, big sales... In other words, it is a commercial carnival.

Finally, best wishes to everyone

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Write by  Arya ren