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Chinese subway maker will set foot on European rail network

  • Author:Arya Ren
  • Release on:2019-12-19

Chinese subway maker will set foot on European rail network

According to Hong Kong media, Portugal's Porto Metro Company recently announced that CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company recently won a bid for the company's subway and equipment maintenance project, which is worth 56.1 million euros (1 euro is about 7.8 yuan). The deal is the first order from the European railway network from a Chinese subway manufacturer.

According to a report on the Hong Kong Oriental Daily website on December 17, the documents show that Porto Metro will purchase a batch of 18-car subways from CRRC Tangshan, and Tangche will provide them with five-year maintenance services. The Porto Metro said the project saved 6.5 million euros for the company. During the bidding process, CRRC Tangshan successively defeated companies from the Czech Republic and Germany to win the bid. The new vehicle is expected to be delivered within two to three years.