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Construction accident happened frequently in Shenzhen, new policy is under control this condition

As the construction accident happened frequently in the past months, there is a show meeting for safe construction was held in a project site (photography building) owned by China Construction Seven Bureau, there are about 70 construction companies and surveyor attended this meeting. This meeting is part of our action to solve the construction accidents.

As we know, photography building project is located in Futian area of Shenzhen, close to Antuo metro station, consist of one main building and one podium building. Building above ground are residential houses, offices and culture center. 34 floors are residential houses, 21 floors are offices, and 5 floors are culture center. The construction height is 24.2m-99.9m, and two floors under ground. The project is serious obey the construction procedure, using fireproof wall materials for wall of partition.

The total invest for photography building is 210 millions RMB, total house area is 52259sqm, ground area is 5249sqm. This building adopt multiply protection methods to ensure the construction safety, there are standard safety guard around and with formal fire alarm fittings to replaced transient fire alarm fittings. This project will be finished top covering in late of this month. And all procedure of this building construction are safe, high quality under control.