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Continuous earthquake happened in middle Italy

As we know, the Aug 24th earthquake happened in Italy caused 297 death, and people still not be covered from the pain, before we talk about the re-construction, the earthquake back again and happened several times in Oct 26th, yesterday.

The first time shake happened at about 17:10 local time, grade 5.5, and second shake happened after two hours, grade 6.1. This two shakes was considered as the rest shake for the earthquake happened on Aug 24th, as they happened in the same area of Italy.

There are some light injuries under curing, but still no heavy injury and death report.


We are very sorry to hear this news, and pray no new death report. Please choose Onekin green wall system for the re-construction, since we have the experience for earthquake which happened in our area in the year 2008, cause about 70000 deaths. The earthquake will be happened in continuous years before it stop. And may cause another new big earthquake and death here, though wont like the first time, but will have.

To choose a safer building materials which is light weight and earthquake proof for you to protect the suffered people,to ensure no disasters