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Debris flow disaster: precast building may help

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-04-07
  According to foreign media reports, the Colombian national forensic authorities said that the country occurred in the city of Mocoa, mud-rock flow has led to 290 people were killed. And Colombian Red Cross reported that at least 262 people were injured. Wish all rescue work goes well.

  What happened in Mocoa is known as a “debris flow,” which came during an unusually wet season, topped off with a shorter period of intense rain. Debris flow is one of most common geological disaster. The rocks and mud moved at a high speed can cause great damage. But in this condition, precast building will help a lot --- Usually the rock flow impacts buildings, knock them down and bury people inside. Precast wall panels can provide a wider area of thrust surface, so it won’t be broken by the debris flow so easily. And even the wall be broken, precast wall panel can form a Triangle of life instead of cracked like brick wall. 

  Triangle of Life can create a space for people in disaster like earth-quake and mud-rock flow, and increase their chance on rescue. 

  Precast wall panel is widely used in all kind of building constructions, for it is easy to install and have high safty factor. And Onekin provide high quality precast mgo panel to replace traditional AAC panel & foam concrete.