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Different prefabricated buildings in Australia

  • Author:Illya
  • Source:onekin
  • Release on:2017-02-24

  Australia’s prefabricated buildings combine modern civilization with western culture, is the world’s leading level. Except it’s most famous prefabricated building --- Sydney Opera House, there still are some beautiful prefabricated buildings.

Melbourne small art center

  The architect use heat insulation material make the entire buildings appear like a well packaged gift. For this building construction, almost every piece of the wall is different, which makes the process of prefabricated is more complicated. The template must be accurate, the whole process not allow any mistake.

Ibis Adelaide Hotel

  The building has been designed as a steel deck concrete floor structure, the lower floors using the traditional style of the framework, concrete columns, beams and slabs. Exterior design is made up of three dimensional precast concrete external wall board and aluminum alloy door and window curtain wall.

University of Tasmania

  The curve shape of the building is based on the design of the defunct stream park. The facade of the building is made of precast concrete, which is a symbol of the surrounding mountains and rivers and the surrounding landscape.

Onekin project in Oman

  Onekin is a Chinese supplier has worked on new green building materials for many years, we can provide high quality prefabricated mgo wall panels replace for traditional concrete, AAC blocks, cement panels etc. We have served in many projects around the world, above shows our customer’s feedback, if you are interest with precast buildings, Onekin will be your best choice.