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Do you really understand MGO board?

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2018-12-29

Do you really understand MGO board?

Mgo fireproof board is made by magnesium oxide, which is a nature fireproof material. the whole production process is chemical reaction, thus magnesium oxide reacts and bonds with magnesium chloride.

Since all the raw material is total green, make mgo board total green, have no toxic element such as asbestos, formaldehyde. Also, mgo board is reinforced by fiberglass mesh, makes the board high strength.

Mgo board have many excellent function you may not know:

a. fireproof

  according to CE certificate, Onekin board fireproof grade is A1, the best fire protection material grade.

b. thermal insulation

  Onekin board thermal insulation: 0.161 w/m*k, a excellent heat insulation material

c. high strength

  modulus of rupture: 16.9 Mpa

  data base: CE certificate, thickness = 10mm

d. mostureproof

  water absortion: 13%

  also, when immersed into water for 72 hours, there is no moiture create.

f. total green

  Mgo board is non-toxic, ensure 100% asbestos free. can resist termite ect.

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