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Doha came in third of global city in GCC countries

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-02

  According to A.T. Kearneys last report, Doha has become the third Global Cities of the Future, a GCC Perspective. Dubai & Abu Dhabi rank seperatly first & second.

  The report is based on criteria including infrastructure mega-projects, capacity to host large political conference, investment in education & travel. And its developed for World Government Summit 2017

  According to the criteria, Doha has ranked third for below reasons: 1. It has ambitious infrastructure mega-projects to support World Cup 2020;  2. It has hosted political reference such as World Climate Summit 2012 &  Arab League Summit 2013;  3. It has a good reputation among leading schools & universities.

  Since Onekin is going to attend Project Qatar 2017 at May, we are happy to know that Doha is giving muh attention & efforts on insfrastructures.
  As a environmental construction building material supplier, we would like to work together with Doha, to make their project easier & faster. What’s more, to meet the high standard requirement of their building conditions.