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Donald tusk has proposed extending the deadline for Britain to leave the European Union by another 9

  • Author:Candy Tang
  • Release on:2019-10-23

Donald tusk has proposed extending the deadline for Britain to leave the European Union by another 90 days

The British parliament has just by prime minister Johnson "take off the" agreement in principle, but then rejected the agreement legislation schedule, according to "Russia today" (RT) on October 22, President of the European council, tusk said he proposed to Britain to take off the deadline extended to 90 days, avoid no agreement to take off the case.

On Tuesday, Mr Tusk said the deadline for Britain to leave the eu should be extended from October 31 to January 31, RT said.

On the same day, he told the European parliament in his farewell speech that "brexit without a deal will never be our decision", regardless of the outcome of the British parliament's deliberations.Tusk is scheduled to step down at the end of November, replaced by former Belgian prime minister Charles michel, RT said.

But the report says there is also disagreement within the European Union.Reuters quoted diplomatic sources as saying France may only agree to an extension of a few days, rather than a full three months, to end parliamentary proceedings.The source said the agreement had been reached and "must be implemented immediately".

Last week, Britain and the European Union surprised everyone by agreeing a new version of Johnson's brexit deal.However, the UK parliament passed a bill called "leterwin amendment" on Monday, requiring that no vote on the brexit deal be allowed until the legislative process is completed.The government had to postpone a vote on the deal, originally scheduled for the same day, until the 22nd.

The first vote in the house of Commons on Tuesday was 329 to 299 in principle to approve the brexit deal.But a second vote, by 322 votes to 308, rejected a procedural motion put forward by the government.The motion requires parliament to complete its consideration and final vote on the bill within three days.

Johnson expressed disappointment at the outcome of the vote that night and said he would suspend the legislative process of the brexit deal until the eu said so.Mr Johnson had previously said he was sticking to the October 31 deadline.If the timetable for a brexit deal is rejected and the eu agrees to extend it, he will withdraw the deal and call an early election.