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Dragon Towers to be contracted by the end of 2017

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-08-18
  According to UAE state news agency, the bid for Dragon Towers has began, and the developer is assessing five proposals for the construction, and it will be awarded by the end of 2017.

  As report, the developer is Nakheel, Dubai-headquartered master developer, and the bids staring at under $245m, while construction is expected to be finish in 2020.

  The project, Dragon Tower, is a twin-tower residential complex for the Dragon City community. It will consist 1140 apartments with one or two bedrooms, combine with two floors retails shops as well as parking, swimming pools and gyms.

  With above information, the twin towers are expected to be complete within two years, including the basement. The construction should be very hurry. That’s when Onekin interior partition wall panels would be helpful.

  Firstly, Onekin interior wall panel is lightweight, it can help to reduce the basement construction, save time and cost for basement construction; secondly, Onekin interior wall panel helps for fast installation, contractors can finish one year wall installation within three month, finally, Onekin interior wall panel is fireproof, the fire rating time up to 4 hours,  it ensure the safety and leave enough time when fire accidents happen.

  With Onekin interior wall panel, have a better life.