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Environmental pollution caused the death of 1700000 children every year

  • Author:illya
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-03-07

  According to foreign media reports, WHO’s two new report pointed out that children under the age of 5 in more than 1/4 deaths by unhealthy environment. Environmental pollution cause the death of 1700000 children under 5 years old life every year.

  The report pointed out that by taking action, such as to reduce mosquito breeding sites or cover the storage of drinking water, can prevent 200 thousand children under 5 years old died of malaria.  

  Environment pollution is an increasing serious problem in the world. We should pay more attention on our daily action to protect environment. Building construction is a very important part. Onekin always trying to manufacture GREEN wall panels for customers. Our green wall panels are both energy saving and environmental friendly. By using our wall panels, you can make you project faster with less construction waste, meanwhile it is harmless to both human and environment.