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Fire accident happened close Childrens Hosipital in Wuhan

At about 12am this morning, a new noodle restaurant face to Childrens Hospital in Wuhan was on fire, peoples run out of the restaurant, and luckily, no injuries and death during this accident.

This resaurant is on the cross of Hongkong Road and Huiji Road, and just opened for days. From the witness, the fire is started from the kitchen, and the staffs can not treat the emergent condition, then the customers in the restaurant rush out. This fire also burned the neighbor shop. The big fire cause smoke run up to the head of the building, later, two fire alarm trucks put out the fire.

While we are decorated our restaurant, if we think more about the fire that maybe happened, and also if you have a restaurant neighbor, do think about the fireproof materials to treat the fire accident, Onekin fireproof and flame resistant wall panel system, not only protect your restaurant.

Doring decoration, use Onekin fireproof wall as the partition wall or replace the partition wall, it is fast and easy work, but a insurance to your shop and also your life.