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Gifts change in Onekin office

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2016-12-22
  Onekin is a company that values people, the name Onekin means with everybody together, we can make our company a king company.

  Since Christmas is coming, Onekin is holding a activity. With everyone buys a gift, and do the gifts exchanging. Before getting the gifts, no one will know that he or she will get, also dont know their own gift will goes to whom.
  This activity highly gives the holiday spirit & everyone is full of energy.

  Also, Onekin will not forget our customers. From now on, customers who places orders for interior wall panel, exterior wall panel & partition wall panel will get a Christmas gift. as well as New Year gift.
  Together with Onekin, hope we build a win-win situation together.