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Housing deal changing by central policy in recent months

From the data research, this October, 30 cities sole 22230 thousand square meters commercial housing, reduce 8% to last month, and rose 11.2% of the same time last year. In the past, October is a gold month for housing business, but after marketing control policies was issued, there is no traditional gold month.

From the data monitor to the 30 cities, from May to July of this year, the housing deal reduced month to month. Until August and September, the market getting warmer, because the central housing policy is to reduce storage, there are plenty of commercial houses in hand of the developer.

 And be effected by the control policy, housing deal reduced in October again. But the reducing is not fast speed. The policy Limit purchase, Limit loan is to reduce panic housing deal, not to destroy the housing market.

The big problem is that, in fact, the commercial housing are under reduced by the policy, but the office building houses are all in cold and very difficult to reduce. A lot of office building are still under construction since the housing plan should be going on.

Onekin green wall panel are under participating for part of these commercial housing and office building housing. Onekin green wall panel system is very fast construction type wall and save the cost much. Also save labor, since the labor cost was rising day by day in China.