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How do everyone evaluate the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio?

  • Author:Arya ren
  • Release on:2019-01-23

How do everyone evaluate the

performance of Leonardo DiCaprio?

The first impression of Leonardo was of course in Titanic, but after reading his earliest work, it was "a different sky." In "Different Sky," Leonardo plays Depp's younger brother Ani. Leonardo was 19 years old, but he played a mentally retarded role very flexibly. In one fell swoop, he won the Golden Globe Award for the best male match.

Then came the "Romeo and Juliet" in 1995. At that time, Leonardo couldn't say how good the performance was, but it was really awkward.

In 1997, Leonardo starred in the sensational movie "Titanic" and established his international reputation. The film has been around for 20 years, but it still has far-reaching influence, and the outstanding performance of the stars has contributed.

Later, Leonardo was still active, contributing to quality movies such as "The Pirates of the Dream" and "The Great Gatsby", but always lost to Oscar. Until in the "Wild Hunter", with superb acting, Leon Nardo finally won an Oscar.

I think, for Leonardo, Oscar may be obsessive, after all, it is always so close but far away before 2016. But for the audience, Leonardo's acting skills have long been used to prove more than the awards.