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How does Onekin precast panel improve living conditions for Middle East

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-06-16
  Recently, Onekin has participated a fair in Middle East, to better understand the living conditions of Middle East countries, aiming to improve it as much as possible.

High temperature
  The temperature in Middle East is comparatively high, while electricity charge is expensive. It means people has to spend much money for a comfortable temperature.
Low speed construction
  There’s a large amount of house requirement for most Middle East countries, but the construction speed is really slow. People needs to wait a long time to move into their house, especially those who build their own houses.
Fire hazards
  Due to high temperature, the chance for fire hazards is comparatively high. For example, there’s fire disaster for several shopping mall in UAE & Qatar.

  With understanding of above points, Onekin is glade that we can be helpful for the special conditions of Middle East countries. With Onekin precast wall panel, it benefits of improving living conditions as below:
1.thermal insulation
  With thermal conductivity: 0.1736w/m*k, Onekin panel helps to save air conditioner up to 80%.
2.fast installation
  Installation speed: 40m2/day/worker, help to quick installation speed 4 times. People can get a one-year house in three month.
  Onekin precast panel is fire rating 4 hours, ensure enough time for rescue.

Within this fair, Onekin meets lots of customers, we share the same value to improve people living conditions. That’s how we will work together for win-win situation.

Onekin attending of the fair