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How to choose high quality mgo board

In recent years, mgo board was widely used since it is high fireproof building materials, with good fireproof and much better flexible strength and nail holding performance than other drywall, such as gypsum board, fiber cement board and silicate board.

Also mgo board is really green board, since production need very less energy consumption, and raw materials no harm to human body. But from different manufacture, the quality are quite different, so mgo board also get bad reputation in the market, just because some manufacture really use bad raw materials and low grade machines to produce mgo board, some even dont know the exact core technology.

To check whether the mgo board is good quality, can from different way:

1. From the appearance, the weak mgo board may very light weight with a lot of holes on the surface. If two samples are similar weight, the one which add too much talcum power, is very white and heavy, very smooth, but fragile, also bad quality.

You can see the fiber glass mesh be used from the surface, good quality mfo board use good very good fiberglass mesh, which very even and big line mesh, bad ones are the opposite.

2. Can tested by water, if mgo board use too much talcum powder or sawdust, it will with higher water absorption, which we think bad quality.

3. Tested by screw. Some weak quality board will be bad screw holding, while using screws, it is easy break the board or screws cant mounted tightly onto the board.

4. Which is very important, while the formula to produce the good is wrong, another big problem is after using the board, it is easily to get mildew, and this is not easy be saw in short time or from the samples, but much more important. So better not bought from small factory.