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How to improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows in energy - saving buildings&

  • Author:Lucy Tian
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-04-01
Refer to Energy-saving buildings,the wall will use thermal insulation materials,and then the thermal resistance increased,however the window of the total loss of energy accounted for a greater proportion of the building. The most energy loss caused by doors and windows is the heat exchange between doors and windows and the surrounding environment.

There are many factors that can affect heat loss of doors and windows, mainly list in the following:
a.Thermal conductivity
b.Air tightness
c.Wall to window ratios and their orientations

Thus,how to improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows in energy - saving buildings? Here are three tips:
a.Improve the heat insulation performance 
b.Improve the thermal resistance performance 
c.Improve the airtight performance

Therefore,we should choose the right energy saving windows,you can start from below ways:
a.choose an energy efficient window type,from the structure,the fixed window is the most energy efficient window type
b.design the reasonable wall to window ratios and orientation
c.choose thermal insulation accessories mateirals

Onekin precast panel is a kind of wall material with thermal insulation,also it has many other performances such as fireproof,lightweight,easy to cut and install etc.

Onekin precast panel,your faster,safer,healthier construction solutions.