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How to save cost for contractors

  • Author:Nicole Zhang
  • Source:Onekin
  • Release on:2017-01-16
 How to save cost for contractors?

  It is a core issue for contractors to save cost and get a quick value return. But how they can achieve the goal? Well, there's a lot of way when you use the right wall materials.

● save on wall thickness
   With right wall materials, we can use 120mm thickness wall to replace traditional 100mm thickness, it can save a lot of cost on wall materials
● save on building structure
  If the choosen wall material is lightweight, it means the building load support is less required. It can help designer to reduce the load bearing, save lots of cost.
● save on labour
  With better wall materials, it can increase the install speed. One worker can finish the job of five workers when it use the traditional wall material
 save on management
  With new wall materials, it can shorten the construction time, and save lots of cost for the whole project managment.

  With new wall materials, it can also add the value of the whole building such as larger using space, excellent thermal insulation ect. For more information, welcome to visit Onekin Group.