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I Need Folks Who Refuse To Wear A Mask To Hear My COVID-19 Story

Day 65. Temp is over 103, still coughing nonstop, blood pressure is still a mess from vascular damage to my veins and inflammation in the arteries (I sometimes have hypertension in one arm and hypotension in the other due to the artery inflammation), still requiring constant oxygen with sats still only in the upper 80s on oxygen, still too exhausted and short of breath to do more than walk across a room, and still feel awful.

Does anyone know when the “asymptomatic” or “just a flu” parts of COVID-19 kick in? I’m looking forward to those.

I still see so many people who think this is no big deal. People who refuse to wear a mask to protect other people, despite scientific proof it helps. So, maybe you need to see what the virus does to someone who isn’t asymptomatic, but gets a severe case and doesn’t die. I’m the high-risk group everyone is willing to lock away in their houses forever and let fend for themselves, or die, for convenience.

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